Post Familie is not shipping wine at this time.
Arkansas is only one of many states that are works-in-progress when it comes to updating wine shipping laws.
We currently aren't allowed to directly ship to anyone in our own state!
If you'd like to be able to ship wine or receive it, please contact your local elected officials and state representatives
and let them know where you stand. is a great website which explains the scope of the issue
in more detail. Go to

Red Wines

White Wines

Blush/Rose Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon
Ives Noir  
Red Muscadine
Red Table Wine
Traditional Red
Altus Delaware
Traditional White
Vidal  Blanc
White Muscadine
Blush Niagara 
Muscadine Blush
White Zinfandel
Port/Dessert Wine Grape Juices Shipping Avaiiable
Altus Port
Concord (19%)
Delawine (19%)
Sherry (19%)
White Port (19%)

White Muscadine Juice
Red Muscadine Juice
Concord Grape Juice
Altus Grape Juice



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